Backup Configuration: Quickly back up all the JIRA configuration excluding all the Issues


Perform the backup of your data

You can backup the configuration easily; Click on the new "Backup Configuration" link and choose whether you want to exclude users and / or information on active objects. Issue information is excluded by default.

Store the archive

Store the archive with other backups

Import your data configuration

You can use the standard "Restore System" feature to restore your completely reconfigured Jira instance but without your old issues.

You can export all the configuration to your JIRA instances excluding the issues.
For example, if you want to replicate your JIRA instance without any sensitive data.
You can do this simply by browsing Import & Export Administration and clicking on Backup Configuration. The export process is the same as the default one for full backup.
You can also choose to exclude users and information on active objects.

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